Toilet Installation & Repair Bristol

Toilet Installation & Repair Bristol

Searching for a plumber to fix a leaking toilet?

A leaking toilet or non-flushing toilet can be an annoying problem to have. A leaking toilet can also add unnecessary cost to your utility bills, particularly if your property in Bristol has a water meter installed.

Bristol Plumbing Services are ready to handle the toilet repair for you. We carry out many repairs to toilets and cisterns to ensure that your toilet is fully working again as soon as possible and with the minimum of fuss.

Toilet not flushing correctly?

Plumbers can repair many types of toilet problem. A toilet not flushing or continuous running water into the toilet bowl are just a few common problems many homeowners face. A toilet overflowing, filling slowly or toilet not filling at all can be fixed within the hour in most cases, and we can be on hand to rectify the problem, leaving you with a fully working toilet as soon as possible.

Problems with flushing can be a result of various faults within the toilet cistern or connecting pipework. We can fix many types of toilet parts including modern push button flush valves, handle flushing mechanisms, toilet siphons, fill valves, float valves, concealed cisterns and so much more.

Toilet maintenance can also include re-fixing or replacing toilet seats that may have broken or become loose over time. A rocking toilet bowl and even a blocked toilet would be classed as a toilet repair.

Toilet Installation Bristol

Toilet Installation BristolAt Bristol Plumbing Services we will always do our upmost to provide a full toilet repair, but in the unfortunate case where a repair is not possible due to a cracked toilet bowl or damaged cistern for example, we can provide a new toilet with professional installation in the Bristol area.

There are many toilet designs, shapes, and sizes meaning not all toilet dimensions are identical. The same can be said about toilet seats and there are a lot of things to consider, measure and check before replaceing a toilet pan, cistern or toilet seat from old to new. Finding the right toilet for you can be a daunting task, therefore we are more than happy to help with choosing the correct toilet for your bathroom pipework layout.

If you need a plumber in Bristol to fix an existing toilet issue or install a toilet from new, you can send us a message, or simply call us on 01179 012027