Outside Garden Tap Installation

Outside Garden Tap Installation

An outdoor garden tap is a brilliant addition to any household. Outside taps are perfect for filling that large paddling pool for the children during the hot weather months, watering the plants, and with an additional hose pipe connection, jet washing and cleaning the car.

Bristol Plumbing Services install many outside garden taps, either at the front of the house or serving the back garden.

Did you know, it's not just cold water that can be installed to an outside tap?

Over the years we've had many requests for hot water outside tap installation. Hot outdoor taps can potentially save money if you have a hot tub or Lay-Z-Spa saving money on your electric bill. Having a hot water tap outside is great for dog washing and can improve the cleaning power when washing a car by dissolving and dispersing dirt faster than cold water washes.

Whatever your decision for choosing a cold or hot outside garden water tap we have got you covered. Contact a Bristol plumber today to discuss an outdoor tap installation in the Bristol area on 01179 012027 or send us a message to book an outside tap installation in Bristol.