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Tap Installation Bristol

If you are searching for a new bathroom or kitchen tap installation in Bristol, look no further. Whether it's a new basin tap, bath or kitchen tap installation, Bristol plumbers local to you have got it covered.

Plumbers can also provide outside garden tap installation for outdoor garden hose connections, ideal for filling paddling pools, jet washing or watering the plants during the summer periods.

Whether you are looking to replace an old basin mixer tap, leaking kitchen tap or simply replacing with a new design tap to refresh your bathroom suite, it is a good idea to check for the type of tap you currently have installed.

If you’re not sure which design tap you have, we have compiled a quick guide to help identify the two most common types of taps and help with your decision making when deciding on your new tap installation or replacement in Bristol.


What is a mixer tap?

Kitchen, bath & basin mixer taps explained

Mixer TapA mixer tap is a type of tap that mixes hot and cold water in the body of the tap, either by using separate hot and cold levers (mixer), or one single lever that swings from left to right to divert the flow from hot or cold water, or both mixed at the same time.

The type of tap with one lever is usually referred to as a mono mixer tap or monobloc.

Mixer taps are generally designed for mains water pressure systems and not designed for low-pressure gravity fed systems (tanks in the loft). If you are thinking about changing your taps from single pillar taps to mixer taps, check with a qualified plumber before making your final decision.


What is a single tap or pillar tap?

Pillar TapsPillar taps are two separate taps that are installed on kitchen sinks, basins, and baths with two tap holes, one tap for hot and one tap for cold water.

These taps can operate in households that have low-pressure or gravity fed water systems.


What is a quarter turn tap?

Quarter TurnA quarter turn tap is a tap design that only requires quarter of a turn to operate.

This type of tap uses ceramic discs to control the separate flow of hot and cold water.

For people who struggle with arthritis or fine motor skills, this can be a great choice because of the smooth and easy to turn action.

Some quarter turn taps can be used on low-pressure systems but they must be pillar taps and not mixer or mono mixer taps.


What is a full turn tap?

Full TurnA full turn tap is a tap design that requires a full turn or multiple turns to operate.

This type of tap uses a spindle and rubber washer system and is most often found on traditional style taps or single (pillar) taps.

In some cases, a full turn tap can be converted into a quarter turn tap by changing the handle and switching the washer system to ceramic disc cartridges. Left hand (hot) and right hand (cold).


Tap Repair & Maintenance

Alongside our tap installation services, plumbers also provide tap maintenance. This can include the changing of various tap parts, from washers, seals and ceramic discs to re-seating, re-sealing or re-fixing taps that may have become loose over time.

If you're in need of a local plumber in Bristol to fix an existing tap problem, or you would like a new tap installed, why not call your local Bristol plumbing company?

However big or small your plumbing needs in Bristol, call us on 01179 012027 or send us a message where we will be more than happy help.