Are Bristol Plumbers Available During The Lockdown?

If you are wondering, "Can I book a Bristol plumber during the lockdown?" The short answer is, Yes!

We have been, and are continuing with the high demand on essential or emergency plumbing maintenance of households in and around the Bristol area during the Coronavirus outbreak.


Advice For Our Customers In Bristol

After the latest advice provided to us from Public Health England it has been confirmed plumbers & heating engineers are allowed to carry on with the maintenance of fresh clean water supplies, provide heating & hot water services, and also the safe removal of sewage & waste water. This latest announcement means plumbers are classed as 'key workers' and plumbers will be able to visit your home or workplace and commence plumbing, heating & general plumbing maintenance in Bristol.

To be clear, whilst the UK is under lockdown and/or self-isolating, we would like to advise our customers to only book a Bristol plumber for works that are essential, or if you are in an emergency plumbing situation.


Here's an example of what we class as essential plumbing work:

  • Leaking or blocked kitchen sink
  • Leaking or blocked bathroom sink waste, bath waste or shower tray waste
  • Broken toilet (not flushing correctly or over filling)
  • Leaking toilet causing damage to the property
  • Water leaking from household pipework causing damage (waste pipes, hot & cold pipes or heating/radiator pipework)
  • Dripping taps & shower valves
  • Faulty float valves on water tanks & cylinders
  • Washing machine installations & replacements
  • Central heating repairs (broken radiator valves or radiators not getting hot)


What you can do before a plumber arrives at your property

Bristol Plumbing Services have been advised by the Government & Public Health England to ask our customers to take a few simple measures before and during the attendance to help stop the spread of Covid-19 (corona virus)


Before arrival & during our attendance:

  • Clean working areas, ie: toilets, sinks, floors & kitchen areas
  • Open windows in working areas (where possible)
  • If you have multiple people within the property, only 1 person should deal directly with the plumber or engineer
  • Keep your distance at all times (recommended minimum of 2 meters apart)
  • Keep roaming pets, mainly dogs, in another room or outside if possible
  • Other members of the property (if any) will be asked to stay in a separate room with a door closed


Be honest with plumbers, and any other trades person risking their life and members of their family to provide a service within your property.

If you or anyone else close to you have been ill within the last 7 days, or show signs of Coronavirus, ie. persistent cough, high temperature & fever, or have knowingly been infected or currently infected with the Corona Virus, please let them know so they can take further precautions to ensure the health & safety of themselves and their future customers.

This will not affect your plumbing appointment or future plumbing appointments with Bristol Plumbing Services.


All plumbers will apply antibacterial hand gel before entering the property and will be wearing a fresh pair of gloves before and during their attendance. Plumbers also carry face masks if required and will be worn on request.

Bristol Plumbing Services wish you all to be safe during this epidemic, and we will do our utmost to provide a continued service in these unique times.


If you would like to contact us regarding essential plumbing works during the Coronavirus outbreak in the Bristol area, you can send us a message using the contact page or simply call us direct on 01179 012027 where we will be happy to take your call.