Radiator & Central Heating Flushing Service, MagnaCleanse & MagnaClean Installation Service

keeping your heating system sludge free and running as efficient as it should.
MagnaClean Installation Bristol

MagnaClean is a new magnetic filter designed to maintain and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide & sludge build up. This protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the boiler and helps to reduce central heating energy bills by up to 6%. The best plumbers in Bristol will always recommend a MagnaClean magnetic filter for your pressurised central heating system.

The objective is to catch and remove deposits of iron oxide sludge, rust and any other magnetic debris from the radiators and pipe work and restore a system with circulation problems or boiler noises caused by the murky water and corrosion deposits. A permanently installed MagnaClean Filter can remove these deposits and the problems that they cause, keeping your Bristol boiler and central heating system running at maximum efficiency.


MagnaCleanse MagnaFlush Service Bristol

Once you have a MagnaClean filter installed on your boilers central heating circuit by a qualified plumber from Bristol, Bristol Plumbing Services can offer a great deal on a MagnaCleanse central heating system flush in Bristol. A MagnaCleanse magnetic flush is a new flushing process designed to clean and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge build up. Not only does it flush the system, it provides a more intense deep clean using hot water along with specialist chemicals for ongoing protection for the boiler with the installation of a MagnaClean filter.

While power flushing can be quite effective, it is a fact that the build up of iron oxide will be an ongoing issue within the system. A MagnaCleanse flush delivers an extremely effective solution because it not only removes just as much sludge from the heating system, it also provides ongoing lifetime protection with the installation of a MagnaClean domestic filter. Depending on the size of your system, the process enables MagnaClean installers in Bristol to carry out a routine MagnaCleanse system flush in as little as two hours, providing a potentially more productive and affordable flushing solution.

The Benefits Of A MagnaCleanse

- Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass
- System flushing could now be achieved in as little as TWO hours
- Effective system flushing results with ongoing protection
- Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
- Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process (More effective)

If you would like to contact a local Bristol plumber regarding a central heating system MagnaFlush / MagnaCleanse or if you would like a MagnaClean filter installed you can send us a message using our contact page or simply call us direct on 01179 012027


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