Bristol Radiator & Central Heating Services

Have a radiator that's just not getting hot, need a MagnaClean Installation, radiator repairing, flushing, cleansing, installing or moving? Heating engineers regularly undertake all kinds of radiator work in Bristol from issues with a lack of heat being produced, leaks from the connecting pipe work, re-fitting radiators that have parted from the wall and the replacement of valves & TRV's.

Installing a new radiator / replacing an old radiator

We can install new radiators or replace old radiators making any necessary adaptations to heating circuit pipe work.

Remove & re-fit radiator for decorating

We can remove your radiators for decorating purposes and refit at a time after the decoration has completed. If there are multiple radiators in the same property that require removal on the same day a substantial discount can be arranged.

Replacement TRV's (Thermostatic radiator valve)

We can install a new radiator Trv or lockshield valve making any necessary adaptations to copper pipe work. A discount can be arranged for multiple valve replacements in the same property.

Magnetic filter installation (MagnaClean)

We can install a MagnaClean Filter with system inhibitor to your pressurised central heating system for £280* This price includes 1x MagnaClean filter, system inhibitor and one free return visit to check on the performance of the MagnaClean and refresh the filter.

Flushing / MagnaCleanse

We have various methods of cleansing or flushing your heating system, keeping it sludge free and running as efficient as it should.


If you would like to contact a central heating engineer regarding radiator repairs, flushing, MagnaCleanse or radiator installation you can send us a message using the contact page or simply call us direct on 01179 012027 where we will be happy to take your call.

*Includes 1x MagnaClean filter, 1x system inhibitor and installation. Free visit must be booked in within 3 months of installation.